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Monday, March 3, 2008

Prime Minister launches Earth Hour

They may seem small, but they matter.

That was the message from Prime Minister Helen Clark, as she spoke about the importance of small individual actions in fighting climate change, officially launching Earth Hour in Christchurch at Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna o Waiwhetu.

"Events like Earth Hour Christchurch are important because they raise awareness of the worldwide sustainability challenge. It also shows how we can all make a difference, and how, when we work together, our small actions can have a big collective impact," said Helen Clark.

The Prime Minister was guest of honour as Christchurch's business and community leaders gathered to celebrate their city's commitment to Earth Hour, which will see the lights of the city go out for one hour on 29 March at 8pm.
Amongst the guest were children from The Cathedral Grammar Pre-School who thanked the Prime Minister for her support by presenting her with an Earth Hour card (pictured above).

Speaking at the launch, the Prime Minister praised Christchurch for taking a stand on climate change and becoming the first city in New Zealand to commit to Earth Hour.
Due to its position on the globe, Christchurch will also be the first of the Earth Hour family of cities to turn out the lights for Earth Hour, alongside Suva, Fiji.

Mayor of Christchurch, Bob Parker, also gave his full public backing to Earth Hour. WWF-New Zealand Executive Director, Chris Howe, and Editor of The Press, Andrew Holden encouraged people and businesses in Christchurch to commit to Earth Hour, by switching off their lights on 29 March at 8pm for one hour.
Earth Hour will see iconic Christchurch buildings and lights in the city centre, from the Cathedral lights to the red neon sign of The Press, plunged into darkness for one hour.
WWF and The Press are encouraging all people in Christchurch and across New Zealand to get involved in Earth Hour by committing to Earth Hour by registering online.
In Christchurch, Earth Hour celebrations will include an acoustic candle-lit music event in the city. To receive details of this and other events in the lead up to Earth Hour, register your details here.

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