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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Individuals to be pro-active about climate change

SUVA: Women Entrepreneurs Fiji President and former politician, Bernadette Rounds Ganilau has called for people to be more pro-active with regards to the harmful effects of climate change and one way that people can do this is by ‘turning off’ non essential lights on the 29th of March.
"The Pacific is at the forefront of climate change and we can't afford to sit back and be victims, we must be pro-active in this approach," said Mrs. Rounds Ganilau.

As an Earth Hour Champion, Mrs. Rounds Ganilau said: "The basic human rights include the right to food and water, right to shelter, clothing and the right to life but all of these rights are threatened if we do not look after our environment."

"Since I was approached to be an Earth Hour champion, I have gone to my daughter’s school to advocate this campaign and they have shown their commitment by signing up and practising energy saving tips within the school."

"I'm no expert, but personally, the estimates by overseas scientists about climate change are not so accurate, the reality goes beyond the facts and figures," Mrs. Rounds Ganilau said, "I mean we have Tuvalu that is almost disappearing, these figures are mostly conservative."

Pacific Island nations are among those at most risk from the adverse impacts of climate change. Countries in the Pacific region are already experiencing significant impacts including stronger and more frequent cyclones and droughts, coastal erosion and increasing pests and disease infestations which are having negative impacts on agriculture, tourism, health, water resources and natural resources.

"We must remind stakeholders that this campaign is very important as it gives individuals concrete long term actions to take. I have approached my friends who own businesses and they have agreed to switch off for this event."

Mrs. Rounds Ganilau, is one of Fiji’s Earth Hour Champions as momentum gathers towards the 29th of March. Suva City Council, Lautoka City Council and Lami Town Council have joined the Earth Hour campaign in Fiji. There are people and companies in the Western Viti Levu who are also part of Earth hour.
So far 1122 Individuals and 71 Business from Fiji have signed up on the Earth Hour website to show there support for Earth Hour. This number is constantly increasing. Globally 150, 388 individuals have signed up.
The event which saw 2.2 million Sydney-siders switching off their lights for an hour last year is going global this year with 26 more cities already confirming their participation.

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