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Monday, March 17, 2008

Lions kick off the lights for Earth Hour

The Brisbane Lions are proud to get behind Earth Hour, the environmental initiative that encourages businesses and residents to join the fight against global warming.

As part of the campaign, individuals and communities are being urged to turn their lights off for one hour at 8pm on Saturday 29 March in a bid to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Brisbane Lions club is featuring the Earth Hour countdown clock and website on its Intranet site and everyone will be more than ready for some 'lights out' after their Friday night clash against traditional rivals Collingwood the previous evening.

Senior player Joel Patfull, a rising star at the club, knows how important it is for the Lions to encourage their fans to work together as a team to combat climate change.

“The team can’t reach its full potential without the support of all the fans,” Patfull said.

“The same principle applies when it comes to caring for the environment. It’s essential that the community supports important causes such as Earth Hour.”

Patfull was joined by two other young Lions hopefuls, rookie Haydn Kiel and 2007 draftee Bradd Dalziell, in urging Queenslanders to do what they could to reduce our carbon output.

The trio – who are very much part of the future of the football club - all understand how important safeguarding the environment is for the sake of future generations.

“The Brisbane Lions’ involvement is an example of how role models within the community can have a positive influence when it comes to dealing with climate change – as it is only with cross-community support that we will make a real difference,” said Andy Ridley, WWF Australia National Communications Manager.

Climate change in Australia would result in more extreme weather conditions such as severe storms and no-one wants to watch their AFL footy in torrential rain!

Lions fans can show their support by switching off the lights and all non-essential appliances from 8pm on Saturday 29 March.

To pledge your support, sign up to the Earth Hour website and always be looking for ways to reduce energy use at home and at work.

And go the mighty Lions in Season 2008!

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