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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Brisbane landmarks, icons set to 'go dark'

A number of Brisbane landmarks, including the Story Bridge and Treasury Casino, will be veiled in darkness for one hour later this month to raise awareness of the impact of climate change.

Several Queensland icons will join an illustrious list of international buildings taking part in Earth Hour, WWF-Australia announced today.

From Sydney’s Harbour Bridge and Opera House to San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, world famous skylines will disappear for one hour at 8pm on March 29. Among those switching off will be the tallest building in North America, the 110 story high Sears Tower in Chicago.

Sydney, the birthplace of Earth Hour, captured the imagination of the world in 2007, when its iconic harbour purposefully plunged into darkness. A year later, more than 24 cities across the globe have followed in Sydney’s footsteps taking a stand against climate change by joining the campaign.

Brisbane Lord Mayor Campbell Newman, Chair of the Council of Mayors (SEQ), has challenged southeast Queenslanders to do even better than their southern counterparts in a bid to protect the beautiful southeast corner.

"Brisbane City Council has 15 structures and buildings that will join the big black-out for Earth Hour," he said.

"That includes Brisbane's top iconic landmarks, the Story Bridge, William Jolly Bridge and Victoria Bridge - and our green star high rises, Brisbane Square and Green Square.

"I'm calling on all houses and businesses across the region to join us in this simple step - and help bring huge change."

Through Brisbane City Council’s GreenHeart CitySmart campaign, we’ll use the Earth Hour results to show people how they can keep reducing their carbon footprint.

“I believe we can make huge energy savings through simple, daily changes - just as we’ve made world class water savings.”

Andy Ridley, executive director for Earth Hour said, “Powering down a city’s skyline and some of the world’s most iconic structures and premier properties is a highly calculated and intricate process, and allowances need to be made to account for safety.

“What makes Earth Hour a unique event is that it brings together governments, business and householders who all play a part in switching off the lights. Working together, individual households alongside the world’s most magnificent iconic landmarks can make an impact in the fight against climate change,” Ridley said.

In support of Earth Hour, more than 3,500 businesses across Australia and internationally have so far signed up and will be doing their part and turning off their lights. McDonald’s Australia has committed to turning off its Golden Arches nationally. David Jones will turn off the lights in its 36 department stores. It is hoped that many more businesses get behind the initiative.

While there are 24 official cities taking part in Earth Hour, there are many more cities expected to turn off the lights all over the world, and WWF-Australia estimates that more than 30 million people will take part. To date, 58,615 people have signed up to Earth Hour but that number is set to soar.

“Last year, 2.2 million Sydneysiders took part in Earth Hour and this year we expect that figure to be in the tens of millions. We are excited by the overwhelming public support Earth Hour is receiving around the world. Earth Hour is all about people sharing responsibility for reducing greenhouse gas emissions,” Ridley said.

Atlanta, San Francisco, Phoenix, Bangkok, Ottawa, Vancouver, Montreal, Dublin, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg, Odense, Manila, Suva, Chicago, Tel Aviv, Toronto and Christchurch will switch off for Earth Hour on Saturday March 29, at 8pm local time.

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