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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Earth Hour gains momentum in Fiji: Lami town will put ‘lights out’ for Earth Hour

The Lami Town council is set to be the first town in Fiji and the world to show support and champion the cause of addressing climate change through Earth Hour.

Lami Town council is organising a Clean Up campaign for its community on the 29th of March and will switch off all non essential lights between 8.00 - 9.00 pm.

The Western side of Viti Levu is being led by Lautoka City Council who has also joined the Earth Hour campaign.

Ms Preeya Leli, Lami Town Council Clerk/CEO said: "We are very much into the Earth Hour project and the council intends to not only observe this event, but also organise a community clean up campaign during the day."

"This is a community based programme and the Council together with the assistance from the Commonwealth Local Government Forum, Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Health will be carrying out this clean up."

"We will be sending out newsletters to all residents and businesses to inform them on what they can do and how they can assist in making this a success. We are also looking to making this event an annual one."

Lautoka is the second city in Fiji to join the Earth Hour following Suva City Council.

Rohit Kumar, Lautoka Councilor said: “I was amazed when I was approached for Lautoka to be a part of this Earth Hour project. We have always considered ourselves to be environmentally friendly.”

By adopting the Earth Hour Principles it would be a great step for people to achieve a green environment that is healthy.

I believe that we are also the first city to sign up on the Ozone Depleting Substances-ODS. We monitor the companies and appliances are correctly labeled for producing these gases,” he said.

Lami Town and Lautoka city will join Suva City and 24 major cities around the world on March 29 at 8 pm when it turns off its lights for an hour- to symbolize that local government, governments, businesses and people can make a difference in the fight against Global Warming.

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