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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Australia Day: Aussie icons support Earth Hour

Sydney, Australia: In the lead up to Australia Day, some of the nations best loved musicians
and actors have banded together to urge Australians to consider the impacts of climate
change on our natural icons such as Kakadu and the Great Barrier Reef, and to support
Earth Hour – Australia’s biggest climate change initiative.

Many of Australia’s most treasured natural icons are threatened by climate change and it is
important on this Australia Day to consider how people can protect our precious
environment, says WWF-Australia.

Earth Hour ambassadors Ben Lee, Isabel Lucas, Tex Perkins, Shane Wakelin and Brielle
Davis are some of the Aussie personalities who are supporting the campaign. Earth Hour
aims to encourage all Australians to turn off their lights for one hour on March 29, 2008 and
make a pledge to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions on an ongoing basis.

Earth Hour began in Sydney last year and inspired over 2.2 million Sydneysiders and over
2,100 businesses to switch off their lights, highlighting the need to reduce greenhouse gas

“We want all members of the community – young and old – to get involved in Earth Hour.
Climate change is an issue which affects all of us so we need to come together to meet this
challenge,” said Andy Ridley, Earth Hour Director.

To sign up to Earth Hour visit

Ben Lee, singer/song writer and Earth Hour ambassador said:

"Australia is a wonderful country with a rich and complex heritage. I'm proud to be from a
country that is capable of looking at itself with insight, honesty and a sense of humour. For
this reason, Earth Hour has a uniquely Australian feel. It's about seeing a problem that needs
to be dealt with, and taking some simple and enjoyable steps, to begin getting our planet to a
better place."

Isabel Lucas, actress/environmental campaigner and Earth Hour ambassador said:

“Australia Day offers us a chance to reflect and appreciate how lucky we are to live here. I'm
proud to call myself Australian and to call a country home that has one of the most beautiful
environments I’ve seen. A generation ago people with concerns about the environment and
nature were often labelled greenies and radicals, today these issues are accepted by the
mainstream as essential to our survival, therefore supporting organisations like WWF is
really important.”

Brielle Davis, singer and Earth Hour ambassador said:

“Australia Day is a day when all Australians, irrespective of cultural, ethnic or religious
differences can come together and truly celebrate our good fortune. We live in a wonderful
country, however we must realise that if we are going to celebrate Australia Day, if we are
going to be proud to live in such a beautiful nation then we must do all that we can to
preserve it. With events like Earth Hour advancing I feel it is extremely important for people
to realise exactly what they can do to play their part.”

Shane Wakelin, AFL player and Earth Hour ambassador said:

"Australia Day is a celebration of what makes our great country so truly unique – barbeques,
beaches, beers and family. Let’s carry on this community spirit by coming together for Earth
Hour 2008, which presents a wonderful opportunity to influence attitudes on climate change
and the environment for many generations to come".

Tex Perkins singer/Aussie icon and Earth Hour ambassador said:

“Australia has the most unique environment of any country in the world. I’ve been around the
world and nowhere comes close to us for clean air, fresh water, beautiful beaches, cute
cuddly animals, and the most deadly spiders, snakes and sea creatures on the planet. Let’s
keep it that way this Australia Day.”

Images of Kakadu, the Great Barrier Reef and Earth Hour ambassadors are available
on request.

For more information contact:

Kath Eggleston, WWF-Australia Press Office, +61 2 8202 1294 / 0408 408 562

The following cities will take part in Earth Hour 2008:
Copenhagen in Denmark, Aarhus in Denmark, Aalborg in Denmark, Odense in Denmark, Manila in the Philippines, Suva in Fiji, Chicago in the USA, Tel Aviv in Israel, Toronto in Canada, Portland in the USA, Christchurch in New Zealand, Adelaide, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane and Sydney.

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