Earth Hour Live

Tonight, millions of people are joining together, and turning off their lights to help make a difference and raise awareness about the issue of global warming. See how the world is taking part, with these live news feeds and images from participating cities. Don't forget to share your Earth Hour moments too. Remember - turn off your lights!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Chicago - Welcome to Earth Hour 2008

Chicago is proud to participate in Earth Hour 2008, the global campaign to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. More details on Chicago involvement in this momentous event will be released soon. Please visit this page again to find out about the Earth Hour push to raise awareness about climate change.

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Carmen said...

Hello Chicago,
I'm working late along with my co-worker and friend Elsa. We are here at the real estate office and YES we have turned off all the lights!!!! All we have is our computers on as we continue to work surrounded by darkness yet with a bright spirit and hope to save our environment.

To life, our planet - our environment and our future!
Carmen Rodriguez
Chicago, IL